How to get more insurance customers

How to Get More Insurance Customers, 

How to get more instance customers

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How To Get More Insurance Customers,

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How to get more insurance customers

So you want to know how to get more insurance customers? 

well, watch this video and call me for your group. I only work with minimum 12 agents at the sam time from the same brand. 


We are Kaboom pages, we we help get your Insurance firms on page 1 of Google even if you don’t know computing or social media.

If we search INSURANCE and Your TOWN name, do we find your firm or agency? Let’s Try?

If we search Cleveland Insurance, are any of your agencies showing up? What about Parma Insurance? Or Mentor Insurance?

2.      Sharing a struggle (why I started KABOOMPAGES)

Are You Frustrated with advertising that does not work?

I was where you are in 2007, my company Auto Accents purchased the inside cover of all User Friendly phone books in 9 Counties.

After the initial drop, ads worked great when for about 2 months. Then reponse plummeted, never to return. User Friendly did not bring enough sales to cover the huge monthly costs.

I set out to create a NEW (WHITE HAT, GOOGLE Safe) way for small business to be found on page 1 of GOOGLE when the clients came looking.

I call this system the KABOOMPAGES system. (We Kaboom Your brand or agency name all over the web, so you are found when people search your brand.)

3.       Even if you are a NEWBIE on computers

Now you maybe a total DIGITAL newbie or not even a computer user. THAT’s OK, you’ll get a NEW iPAD in your hands completely setup to ignite your brand's POPULARITY, and be the place your customers FLOCK to once the Kaboom Process is complete.

4.       Product Demonstration (How it works)

How it works? Easy, once we set up the KABOOM process, all you do is interact with customers when and where THEY are… Here is an EXAMPLE:

Our latest client is (They help people quit smoking) the business opened 1 month ago. Let’s see their results and then I will show you how we got there…

Search the term eLiquids North Olmsted…

JOJO’s Results impressive on page 1 or expand to eLiquids Cleveland, and the result is still wonderful (Cleveland is much harder than North Olmsted)...

A fluke? Not Really,

  1. Our Client is Tint Pros owns the heading for anything TINT

  2. Auto Accents on Tint Training)

  3. German Auto Pros for all things Audi-vw repairs

5.       Reasons why

Reasons why Kaboom Process works to get you on page 1 of GOOGLE:

We create ALL that GOOGLE wants and hand it to them (white Hat techniques only).

Simply open your browser and you get this

  1. New Insurance Directory

  2. Gmail

  3. Youtube TV Channel

  4. Google+ Profile (So much you can do here)

  5. Linkedin

  6. Facebook Personal Profile

  7. Facebook Page about your agency

  8. Twitter

  9. and Pinterest

6.       Risk reversal

What you got to lose, We GUARANTEE your AGENCY will be on page 1 of google in less than 3 months after we start or ALL your money back GUARANTEED in writing.

7.       only 12 people

Kaboom Pages is looking to work with 12 AGENTS to develop a training program that we can offer NATIONWIDE. ONLY 12 will be invited and very special rates will be locked in for LIFE for these agents. Hurry and be 1 of the initial 12 who will get plenty of web attention.

8.       Irresistible offer

What does a new customer mean for your business over the next 10 years? A new set of Golf clubs for you? An extra vacation for your family? We make that happen for you for less than a local print ad cost per month.

9.       Remove – disqualify non-buyers (these will be headache customers)

Shy agents and those who don’t wish to be on VIDEO need NOT apply. Unless you can provide a spokesperson or lots of PHOTOS so we can create VIDEOS for your agency.

10.   Testimonials

Zaf Testimonials, Cary Testimonial

11.   Close (Presuppose they will buy it)

Now, I have an IDEA!  Why don’t you try it for 1 period and see if you love it. we are new and need your category filled soon, what channel number do you like?